The Perfect Voice…

I’ve heard it said that it’s normal for new authors to hold one voice, one actor or actress, in their mind’s eye when drafting their works. To many, no other voice will do. But what does one do if that voice is engaged with other projects? Or they decline? What if there are five voices to be cast, or twenty? Plans might need to become flexible. 

In my own saga, I’ve broadcast-spawned a casting call, contacted individual actresses and actors, and sacrificed livestock to dark gods and more. Alright, well, one of those things didn’t happen … yet. You get my drift. 

This search is a difficult one, in part because the cast is diverse in age, sex, sexuality, and degree of cynicism. The perfect voice needs to play prepossessing but kind (Tara), bladed but playful (Chesa), cautious but brave (Roland), hopeful but broken (Peony), and gruff but loving (Ms. Ash).  It’s a tall order, I grant you, and that’s not even considering the broader cast of scholars, servants, and mau. Alright — so, mau don’t actually speak, but things look better listed in threes. So sue me.

I know you’re out there, perfect voice. I know you’ll bring this wounded world to acoustic life and bring listeners so much joy. Voices like yours and the fantasy genre have kept me company in regions across the globes. For that I am thankful. I can’t wait to meet you — to hear you. The coming week will bring dozens of could-be voices to my ears. I inwardly know that my dream voice resides among their ranks. I have every hope.

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