Dramatis Personae

Discover the captivating ensemble of The Shadows of the Monolith series as we unveil the cast of characters who inhabit this divided and perilous world. Meet The Amber Menhir‘s three young protagonists,  neophyte scholars known as ‘Ascendants’, and become acquainted with the compelling side characters who help breathe life into the spellbinding story. Discover their histories, motivations, and the roles they play in this engrossing and unfolding saga.

The Amber Menhir

The Ascendants

Tara Langcraw, from 'The Amber Menhir' by Jonathan N. Pruitt

Tara Langcraw

A wintry and unsmiling mask hide whatever lurks beneath the surface of the young Langcraw heiress. She is rumored to bear the little-seen thaumaturgical aptitudes of a Tilter of the Hourglass.

Peony Bianchi

Perhaps the most fresh-faced Ascendant in the year’s crop, Peony compensates for what she lacks in refinement and good breeding with force and flare in spades.

Roland Ward

The dozenth Ward to attend the Amber Menhir, Roland hails from the sturdiest of farming stock. By all rights, he should escape the notice of any scholars, and survive.

Supporting Characters


One of a few servants devoted exclusively to attending the Delvers of the Mind, Chesa glides among a faction of predators that would sooner lobotomize you than smile.


Wrought from the thaumaturgical crossing of domestic felids and wild cats, each Noble Faction within the menhirs has bred a special line of companion mau. Forever fickle and capricious, new arrivals at the Amber Menhir  learn even mau hold positions higher their own. The animals are better avoided.

Ms Ash

There is perhaps no warmer or more auntly servant than dear Ms. Ash. She recalls just how each and every scholar she has ever served enjoys their tea. And there have been countless.

Character sketches produced by Amanda Banker

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