The Amber Menhir

The Shadows of the monolith: Book One

In the dark fantasy world of The Amber Menhir, a planet’s fate hinges on the enigmatic magic of thaumaturgy, offering hope against impending destruction by a celestial entity known as ‘Calamity.’ Leading the fight are the menhirs, ancient magical research institutions revered by the masses but secretly seething with bitter and deadly political power struggles among the scholars.

But the arrival of three new initiates to the Amber Menhir threatens to break the status quo, thereby thrusting them into danger as they enter a sinister web of intrigue and explosive revelations.

The first gripping instalment of The Shadows of the Monolith series, The Amber Menhir incorporates the best of epic fantasy with a sharply satirical edge. Defying conventional fantasy norms with a diverse cast of memorable characters, Jonathan N. Pruitt’s unmissable tale will immerse you in an arresting realm of mystery, malevolence, and murder like no other.

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The Amber Menhir Book Cover

A gripping dark fantasy that immerses you in a world of deadly power politics and corruption.

Richard Moriarty

The Sun

Jonathan N. Pruitt

Author of The Shadows of the Monolith series

Meet Jonathan N. Pruitt, a captivating figure who has traversed the landscapes of both science and storytelling. Formerly celebrated as a ‘Spiderman’ in the world of behavioural ecology, Pruitt’s insatiable curiosity led him to unravel the secrets of arachnid behaviour. Now, a new chapter unfolds as he embraces the art of weaving engrossing narratives. Drawing upon a deep-rooted love for epic fantasy, Pruitt invites readers into his dark world — an awe-inspiring realm where imagination knows no bounds and every vivid page crackles with thrilling twists and astonishing turns.

The Shadows of the Monolith


The Amber Menhir

On Sale 3rd October

The Eggs Inside

Publish Date TBA

Book 3

Publish Date TBA
“And on the precipice of Calamity, when humanity’s twilight nears, the menhirs will be our beacons of hope for a withering world. In them we must trust, for imagination and discovery are our only hopes.”
– An excerpt from the Menhir Conclave Charter

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I’ve spent the last ten days listening to The Amber Menhir on audiobook.  The narrator, Cherami Leigh, produced her first draft just

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